+ When do you qualify for an apartment at iResidence?

  • If you receive income from work, a pension, income from work together with student finance or just student finance (together with a security deposit); 
  • If you have a valid resident permit in the Netherlands;
  • If you have a positive credit history according to a credit check;
  • You can speak Dutch or English;
  • When you have been honest about questions and answers regarding your application.

– When don't you qualify for an apartment at iResidence?

  • You only receive social security benefit, homeless benefit, disability benefit or a similar benefit;
  • You are undergoing debt counselling (amicable or statutory WSNP );
  • Your credit check is negative.


  • If you do not have a fixed income but have a considerable amount of your own capital (freely available savings), you may possibly qualify for an apartment in consultation with iResidence. Get in touch with us before you sign up.
  • If you cannot meet the required income, we can take a closer look and discuss extra securities, such as a higher security deposit or a guarantee from your parent(s). Get in touch with us before you sign up.

You will not be reimbursed for your registration fee if you are not allocated a living space.
Do you rent a studio or apartment with iResidence? Then you won't have to pay commission to the broker! You will receive an invoice of €185.00 excl. VAT.